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Sofa Wall Bed Front Legs

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Sofa Wall Bed Front Legs

When looking for a space-saving place to sleep, many people think a sofa bed is their only option. While sofa beds do offer a two-for-one on functionality, they are usually uncomfortable, difficult to unfold, ruin bedding, and require maintenance over the years, leaving you with a less-than-ideal solution. Sofa wall bed this space saver modular furniture can be transformed into a bed as well as a sofa, giving you and your room apt space to breathe. It can be extended into a bed whenever needed and folded back at its initial place to save space. So now minimize all your cleaning and space troubles now to get this specifically designed Modular Furniture in India which will add levels to your antique bedroom furniture.

Comes with Front legs 

Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NoRbXsKbbOw

PRICE - 60,000/-

Specifications of Sofa wall bed
Product  dimension
6ft Mattress Size
5 ft Mattress Size
120 kg
Wall beds/ sofa sets