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"While having meals together, one task that bothers us most is fetching supplies from kitchen. Indian mothers keep running in to and fro motion between kitchen and dining table while they feed their family; so do you, every time the plates run out of snacks leaving your guests waiting for more to be brought in. Surveys carried out suggest that eating meals together helps us strengthen the bond with our family. Let’s not let anything interrupt you, for your family deserves it. Presenting The Unitrolley that lets you load dishes, drinks, cutlery, all upon it at once and saves you from the tedious task of rushing to the kitchen every time you need to refill. The term “smart”, suits this article the best. Out of the three floors/planks upon which dishes are loaded, bottom two can be folded in a palms-join position, the top one can be opened like a lid and let loose hanging by the table side attached with hinges. This simple operation compacts the Unitrolley in way that it can easily be hung on your kitchen wall, taking no floor space at all while not in use, and be transformed into a Tri-floor, portable, easy to use kitchen trolley when you want it to be. Lockable Castor Wheels attached at the bottom provide stability and mobility."


PRICE - 25,000/-

Specifications of Unitrolley
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Modular Kitchen

Material - HDHMR Action Tesa 

Fittings - Wire Basket

Warranty - 7 years 

Customisation available in size, design and lamination 

Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hB0Di7P1lRA

Price - 1100/sqft Starting 

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