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Wall Bunk Bed

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Wall Bunk Bed

"Everyday almost everything is well under control until it’s time for our kids to get into bed. When your rooms are already occupied by them and you look for the place to unfurl conventional mattresses on the floor, or look for the place to sleep on the couch for yourself outside your own room. Keeping the limited space of the apartment from stealing our joy is what Furnable is all about. Reality is your apartment is big enough, big enough to equip it with all the necessary appliances, but smartly. Imagine a bed that appears out of nowhere when you need it and hides back straight onto the wall for the rest of the time, giving you back your functional space. Wall bunk bed is the perfect solution to this problem and adds a beautiful look to your room. Get back to your own room, Pull the kids out, provide them their own sleeping beds and give them more space for activity and an environment that fosters creativity by pushing the beds back in wall when not needed."


PRICE - 60,000/-

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